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corona wirus

  1. How does the sales office work during an epidemic?
    Our stationary sales office, located in 30 Karolkowa Street in Warsaw, is open. The meetings are held during office hours:

    Monday: from 12.00 to 18.00
    Tuesday-Friday: from 10.00 to 18.00
    Saturday: from 10.00 to 15.00

    We make sure that the meetings are carried out in accordance with the precautions recommended by WHO and GIS. We took care of access to antibacterial fluids, disposable masks and gloves. The desks of our sales specialists are additionally protected by plexiglass screen. 

  2. How can I contact the sales office?
    In this difficult time we implemented new online contact options. In addition to traditional e-mail and phone communication, you can also talk to us via chat available on the website, order a phone call for a specific day and hour or make an appointment in the form of a video conference. In the last case, our consultant will lead you through the process of installing a dedicated application. You can also meet us in our stationary sales office. 

  3. Is it possible to sign contracts remotely?
    Yes. We have implemented the option of signing reservation contracts using the Autenti electronic signature, so you can fulfill the formalities without leaving your home. Our sales specialist during a direct conversation will explain to you the process of signing these types of documents step by step.

  4. Can I see the apartment of my choice?
    On our website you can take a virtual tour through every apartment available in our offer.

  5. Is it possible to sign a notary deed?
    Yes. We continue to complete apartment transactions normally. For safety and comfort, the notary office is equipped with antibacterial hand sanitizers and disposable masks, also available to clients. The door handles, electric switches and table tops are disinfected on a daily basis. The notary is at a recommended distance of at least 2 meters. In accordance with official recommendations, cash payments have been limited, we offer customers to make payments by bank transfer.

  6. Is there downtime at the construction site?
    The construction work is carried out in accordance with the project schedule. There is no downtime and deadlines will remain unchanged. We are constantly updating the "Gallery" tab on the subpages of our investments, where you can see current photos, showing the progress at the construction site.

  7. How do bank branches work?
    Bank branches operate normally, but with an adaptation of appropriate precautions. However, we recommend checking if the open hours of your bank branch have not changed.