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,,Your Place Przylądek Bielany''

Twoje Osiedle Bielany

,,Your Place Przylądek Bielany'' consists of four modern buildings, constructed nearby the Kampinos Forest. The project located in the district of Bielany (also known as ‘the green lungs’ of the city) was built for those who prefer an active and healthy lifestyle.

Spacious, green patios were designed in the estate for the residents, providing a place to  relax. Architectural consistency and high quality of construction are characteristic to the complex.

The project was implemented in three stages. It consists of one 7 -storey and three 15 -storey buildings with retail and service units on the ground floor. Three underground garages ensure good connection between all the buildings. The estate is closed and guarded. It is located near the metro underground station.

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