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About Us

ASBUD GROUP development, which has been operating on the Polish real estate market for 23 years, specializes in residential and office projects. Asbud has prepared many unique projects in Warsaw and its surroundings, in such areas as Grzybowska 85, Metropoint, Flor, Młody Żoliborz, Głębocka 96, Ustronie Wiślane and Osiedle Konstancin.

Currently, Asbud Group is focusing on the development of premium-segment residential projects - Central Garden and Towarowa Towers, and commercialization of the A-class office building Karolkowa Business Park and Metropoint Office boasting a modern office space, all for sale in the immediate vicinity of the line II metro station Rondo Daszyńskiego.

Asbud Group is part of two international development groups, namely Shikun & Binui and Tanous Group. Asbud Group CEO is Raied Tanous.